Favorite Resources

These are some sites I've found along the way that have things of interest to the new-old website builder.

HTML-COLOR.CODES by far the best site I have found for finding the perfect color with a hex code for any fonts, buttons, or whatever else you might need!

GifCities search by keywords through seemingly endless gifs straight from waybackmachine archives of geocities sites!

99gifshop another great source for gifs, this one is especially good if you are looking for more cute/colorful or anime style gifs ^-^

TextureTown large collection of various textures ranging from metallic to psychedelic to geometric to natural.

Kaomoji for all of your expression and reaction needs! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚ ( 〃▽〃) (✧ω✧)

Piskel easily make pixel art and gifs such as badges and blinkies!

favicon a quick way to make your own favicon (the little image that shows up in your browser tab for different sites)

Cool Stuff

Just things I think people should know about.

Web Revival a great intro to the concept of the Web Revival - something I am very passionate about!

68k.news a site that displays the latest news in basic html format that can be read on old computers - it also happens to let you get around the paywalls that some sites put up ;)