Sunshine is a bearded dragon that me and the gf adopted in 2016. We were intially going into the pet store just to pick up some cat litter and food for KitKat, our only pet at the time. When we walked by the lizard area, however, one lizard in particular demanded our attention. She was just a baby lizard, and she looked right at us as we walked by and pressed herself right up on the glass. We came over to give her some attention, and it was like we both had an immediate connection. When we tried to walk away after a few minutes, she scrambled up past her siblings and on to the top of the highest rock in the enclosure. We then had to ask to see her. The rest really was history. We used what little disposable income we had at the time to get her a nice set up and she's been our baby ever since.

Sunny's favorite hobbies include window watching, going along for car rides when the weather is hot, and of course basking under her heat lamp. She also surprisingly enjoys cuddling as well, and especially when she gets sleepy will climb onto us and "wiggle in" on our shoulders or stomachs, which is possibly one of the cutest behaviors of any animal ever.

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